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Becoming a
MAN is like
stone. Every
boy needs to




The offer of a dedicated adult male mentor is at the heart of Chapter2. All mentors are fully trained, assessed and supervised but no previous experience is required.

The absence of a relationship with a father requires a relational response because the unspoken message to a child with an absent father is “you do not matter”. Through a 1-2-1 mentoring approach it is believed that this message can be slowly but steadily reversed by the constant and unconditional presence of a adult male mentor.


The consistent and engaged presence of a man in a boy’s life can be an effective antidote to feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem commonly associated with children with absent fathers. Whether the words are spoken or not, a boy will come to experience that “he matters”, simply because a mentor is prepared to be consistently available over the long term. 

‘1-2-1 mentoring is the most effective way to reach a fatherless child’

John Sowers, author of Fatherless Generation


Organised group activities are provided to support the development of the relationship between mentor and mentee in a practical and fun environment. The activities are designed to challenge, develop trust and model community spirit (e.g. football in the park, DIY support for families in need, repairing unwanted bikes left in cities, cutting grass for the elderly and in need, bush craft skills etc.). In particular, we encourage activities which develop new practical skills and overcome challenges through the careful encouragement from the male mentors. 


At Chapter2, we believe that masculine behaviours need to be demonstrated rather  than taught or commanded. Boys need a path to follow and we believe that path is most powerfully shown through practical and challenging activities. Learning new practical skills can also be of tremendous value for a boy struggling with low self-esteem.

‘Community is vital to mentoring. Mentors have a better chance of winning when they mentor together.’


John Sowers, author of Fatherless Generation

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